False frame, frames, coverwires and semi-worked material for doors


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Braga. Planet wood.

Braga spa started up as a small enterprise in 1972 and is now a European leader in the field of semi-finished products for doors.
Our story is best told starting from the very end.
At the end of the production process the wood used to make Braga frames is replaced in nature by planting new trees.

Our passion for wood is made of respect for the environment too.

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We process raw material without wasting thanks to advanced technology.
With over 20 production lines, Braga spa is able to satisfy all requests: from small supplies to big international orders we are highly flexible within the market.
The natural features of wood are enhanced by the quality of the processing and the elaborate details: every single item is tested and checked by expert staff.

Care in choosing the raw material enable us to create a final product which is homogeneous, elegant, resistent, with very high quality standards.
For those who work with wood, man’s hands are the most trustable instrument.
Hands know wood, feel its vibrations and turn the semi-finished raw material into a technologically perfect and functional product.

In 40 years presence on the market, Braga has become a European market leader in the field of semi-finished products for doors.
Braga spa is at the head of a group of firms organized in a vertical structure and quality oriented.
The finishing touch and the packaging are vital phases: defects or imperfections are detected and corrected with the greatest accuracy.

The growth of the company is the result of investment in research and technology,as well as attention to the client’s needs.
For us, market is made of companies and companies are made of people working with passion. Just like us.
Quality products and services make Braga a strong and reliable business partner.
An industry where great professionals work with great enthusiasm.

Our products spread the made in italy brand throughout the world.
A taste for beauty is renewed every day in the houses we help to furnish.

Big warehouses in a strategic position and automated stock management guarantee fast delivery all over the world.

For special works, special manufacturing:
wooden beams for gyms and communities,
lamellate bridges for green areas,
quarter-decks for building trade.

Exclusive products for public and private customers seeking for quality in great works.

Braga S.p.a.
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