The interior doors of home mainly aim at separating space and guaranteeing privacy inside the rooms, they also play a crucial role in the aesthetic look of the house, because they give to the room a unique style. When it’s time to choose the interior doors, you should take into account several factors, such as materials, opening model and colour of the door. In this article, we will explore each aspect, taking as example the interior doors of Braga S.p.A., leader in manufacturing interior doors.

Materials of interior doors

The material of the door is one of the main factors to be considered, as they can influence the durability and the look of the door over time. The most common materials you can see on the market are:

  1. Laminate: the most used, functional, and cheap. Laminate doors are resistant to bumps and scratches, they are easy to clean, and do not deteriorate over time. Braga S.p.A. offers a wide choice of textures and colours to match your furniture.
  2. Wood: an evergreen. Wooden doors are refined and elegant, adding a touch of warmth to the room. They guarantee durability over time, even though the colour might slightly change after years because its naturality.
  3. Glass: highly recommended in small flats, because glass inserts allow the light to go beyond the door and enlighten the room.

Opening models of the interior doors

The opening model is an important factor to consider according to the spaces. Braga S.p.A. offers different solutions:

  • Swing: the most common. Swing doors are suitable for large spaces. In larger rooms, such as living rooms, the double swing door is often preferred because it further enhances the room.
  • Pocket: ideal for small flats, as they save space. Pocket doors can either slide inside the wall or outside the wall. The trend is to prefer a pocket door for bathrooms, as it allows the internal space to be fully used.
  • Folding: a good space-saving solution! Folding doors also are able to save space and they are suitable for smaller rooms, such as utility rooms. The folding door is a good alternative, if there is not enough space to install a pocket door.

How to match interior doors

The choice of interior doors also depends on the style and general design of the furniture inside your home. It is fundamental to make the environment harmonious, by matching colours and materials of each product. Every detail must be taken care of in order to create a room that reflects your style.
Braga S.p.A. offers a wide range of 100% Made in Italy interior doors to satisfy every need of style, from the most classic to the most modern and minimalist, with a large choice of materials, textures, colours and accessories.
With Braga interior doors, it is finally possible to find the best combination between quality and style.