Braga S.p.A. laminate interior doors are the example of a long-lasting quality. Thanks to the attention to details and to the quality of chosen materials, Braga doors are able to withstand wear and tear and remain beautiful even after years. However, door maintenance also requires constant attention on your part. With this guide, the Braga S.p.A. team will show you the 3 best tips to keep your doors looking good over time.

  1. Constant cleaning

The cleaning of the door is the main activity to carry out at least once a week to keep intact the functionality and the aesthetic of the door.

  1. Maintenance of the accessories

The metal part, including hinges, lock and handle, must be checked periodically to avoid any kind of malfunction that could damage the door. Therefore, check that the hinges are well screwed in, lubricate with oil or spray to avoid annoying squeaks or problems opening the door.

  1. Prevent scratches and bumps

Last but not least, the best tip to avoid damage is to keep doors closed at all times. Drafts cause doors to slam, leading to malfunctions such as the inability to close the door again. To avoid scratches, we simply recommend taking care each time the door is opened or closed; if there is a risk of the door slamming against a piece of furniture behind it when opening, we recommend using a door stop.

Braga S.p.A: quality assurance

Finally, proper and constant maintenance of interior doors is important to preserve the functionality and appearance of the door over time. Choosing high quality doors from Braga S.p.A. also allows you to improve the process and already start from a solid base of durable products.