Interior doors are fundamental elements inside every environment. Their importance not only is due to the function of room separator, but they also contribute to the aesthetics and comfortability of the surrounding environment. Among all available materials on the market, wood differentiates itself for its natural elegance.


  1. Incomparable elegance

Wooden doors have the ability to add a touch of natural warm and elegance to the internal atmosphere. The numerous species also contribute to customise doors according to the style and the design of the internal furniture. There are indeed different types of wood, the most diffused are cherry, oak, walnut and ash.

  1. Flexibility and versatility

Wooden interior doors offer an extraordinary flexibility and versatility in terms of design. Their ability to adapt to every environment and style allows them to match perfectly with every kind of floor, furniture and boiserie, from the most classic to the most modern one, always guaranteeing a fancy result.

  1. Resistance and durability over time

High quality wooden doors are particularly loved for their durability over time and the strong resistance. A proper and constant maintenance can make them last for years, without needing to substitute them.

  1. Sustainability

The wood used by Braga S.p.A. comes from forests managed in a responsible way. The use of wood coming from certified forests contributes to the conservation of the environment and to the reduction of the environmental impact. Moreover, the certification against volatile organic compounds demonstrates the salubrity of Braga products, which do not release any dangerous substances in the environment.

  1. Advantages for your health

Not only does wood improve the quality of air and reduces humidity, but it also has different advantages on people’s health. Some studies show that the internal furniture made of wood helps improve the emotional and nervous health, helping to reduce anxiety and stress.

Quality of Braga S.p.A.

Braga S.p.A. wooden doors are the perfect bond between aesthetics, sustainability and quality. They represent the ideal choice for whoever is looking for a long-lasting, elegant and fine product that respects the environment at the same time.