In the world of interior design, each element contributes to painting a picture that reflects the style and personality of the home and those who live there. Interior doors, too, contribute to the character and style of the room. One of the most important and often difficult aspects is the colour choice of doors, as colour can influence the design, style and perception of the space. In this article, we will explore some tips from the Braga S.p.A. team on how to choose the right colour for interior doors.

Analyse furniture style and design

The first task is to analyse the overall style of your furniture. If the house is furnished with modern furniture and neutral colours, you will want to opt for bolder colours such as dove grey or black. If the house is furnished in a traditional style, walnut is an evergreen, but so is white or cream. Each room has a different function and can take on different styles; stick to the style and choose the colour of the door accordingly.

Analyse shades

The style of the furniture is also determined by the colour shades present. Avoid excessive visual contrasts; if the overall decor has strong shades, you can opt for neutral colours. Conversely, if the decor is already neutral, choose brighter colours.

Be consistent

In order to maintain consistency in colours, it is not necessary to have the same colour on all doors; however, it is important to create harmony among them. Braga S.p.A. recommends choosing a single palette for all doors.

Analyse light and space

Colour is one of the factors influencing the perception of space. If rooms are small and poorly lit, opt for white. White is one of the most popular and widely used colours, as it reflects light and creates an optical illusion that adds depth to the space. If you have large, well-lit rooms, you can dare with any other colour.

Talk to an expert and do tests

Before proceeding with the purchase, make sure that the colours you chose are suitable. How to do it? Consult an expert, who can give you more specific advice or ask your supplier some colour samples.

For sure, the colour that makes you smile every time you enter a room is the best for you. However, we can give you some advice to guide you in making the right choice. The colour of doors can really change the look of a space.

To determine the ideal colour of the interior doors, it is crucial to consider colours, theme and style of every room. The dimension of the room also influences the choice. For a smaller room, it is recommended opting for light colours to give the illusion of more space.

It is uncommon to have doors in the same colour as the wall, especially in large flats. Nevertheless, this choice can be intriguing in a house with one room. A door in the same colour as the wall can give the illusion of a larger space.

If you are looking for a minimalist design, you can opt for cool shades, such as grey or blue. On the other hand, if you want contrast, a dark shade as brown could be ideal. Brown doors add a touch of elegance to any room. For a refined look, light shades like light brown, white or grey are perfect. White, in particular, goes well with the shabby chic style. Neutral shades suit any environment, whether classic, Provençal or minimalist. Sometimes, the colour of the door can be chosen according to the furniture in the room. For example, in a living room, it could match a bookcase or other furniture. In a bedroom, it might match the colour of the bed or bedside tables.

Did you know that Braga S.p.A. can offer over 30 colours for each solution?

The wide range of Braga products not only allows you to choose the most suitable door for your home, but also gives you the possibility to choose among 30 different colours. Braga S.p.A., indeed, offers to its clients the opportunity to customise the doors according to their needs; from more classic and traditional colours, such as Walnut, Tanganika and Cherry to the modern and elegant ones, like Palissandro Smoke, Larice Sabbia and Rovere True Oak.

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