Braga S.p.A. wins the “Best Forest Chain” Award.

Braga Spa won in the ‘Best Forest Chain’ category during the fourth edition of the Sustainable Forest Communities Award, organised by PEFC Italy and Legambiente and the Legambiente ‘Forum Foreste’, held in Rimini at the Ecomondo fair exhibition.

“Braga Spa is awarded for having been able to create a complete, certified and proximity-based supply chain, focusing on the sustainability of the Apennine forest sources management up to the total valorisation of wood, representing a concrete example of valorisation of the territory and intelligent cascading use of wood.”

Braga’s goal is to valorise its closed production cycle that starts from the certified forests of Campomo Agricultural Society, from which it obtains Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) logs. Douglas fir is the main material for the production of formwork panels used in the construction industry.
The processing of the log produces bark and wood chips which, with their high ecological value, are used as biomass for the production of clean heat. Moreover, Braga uses Douglas fir to make its own pallets for transporting goods and uses the waste material to produce pellets.

For years, Braga Group and, specifically, Campomo Agricultural Society have been committed to responsibly managing their forests, protecting flora and fauna and biodiversity.