Cocrete formworks (shuttering panels) designed for the maximum reliability.

Formworks are structures made of several wooden layers glued together to contain the concrete during casting and curing, in order to give it the desired shape. Formworks must therefore be structurally resistant in order to withstand pressure, given by concrete. Wooden formworks (or shuttering panels) are designed to withstand high pressures, without changing its shape and keeping the concrete cast stable until it is fully compacted.

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Formworks with three wood layers that give concrete a high stability and shape

Our concrete formworks are composed of 3 overlapped wood layers (the two external layers arranged longitudinally and the internal layer transversally) glued together using special hydro-resistant glues to make them non-deformable and avoid possible swellings, keeping the formworks stable throughout the casting and compaction process of concrete. Finally, they are treated with special paints (usually in yellow) making the formwork waterproof.

On request, we can also produce formworks with non-slip treatments for use of safe walkways or temporary gangways.

Braga concrete formworks can be reused many times.

A main feature of Braga formworks or shuttering panels is that, after a use of a special release agent applied to the surface that will be in contact with concrete, they can be easily detached from it and reused up to 4 times with a relevant save of time and money.

Braga has an entire factory designed to produce formworks

Our factory deals exclusively with concrete formworks production and the wood used comes entirely from the supply chain of Braga Group companies. Every phase of wood process, from planting to the final process, is managed directly by Braga Group, in full compliance with the environment.

Why Braga?

For each finished product, the direct production chain starts from the tree.

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