When you design your home, the choice of doors is influenced by different factors, among these the typology of floor. Matching doors and floors in a harmonious way helps giving the environment a welcoming aspect, completely changing the style of the room. In this guide, we will quickly explore some suggestions to match properly doors with floors and obtain a fancy and functional environment.

Analyse the internal style

First and foremost, the main activity is to analyse the environment and choose the style that you want to give. If you prefer a warm and rustic environment, opt for a classic parquet and a wooden door, favouring warm colours, such as cherry and walnut. The elegance and classic of wood give a warm and welcoming aspect to the room. If the style of the house is modern, the marble floor is a must and the door with grey or beige shades is the perfect match.

Choose the colours

The choice of the colours is the most important phase, because it totally influences the environment and its aesthetics. If you want to create a linear chromatic effect, use the same colour or the same shade for floor and doors. If you want to create contrast, opt for different colours and play with shades, for example keeping a light shade on the floor and choosing a dark shade for the door.

Analyse the natural light

The quantity of light that enters the room remarkably influences the perception of spaces. In large lit environments, you can opt for dark colours for floors and doors. If your environment is small and poorly lit, you can opt for light colours that give a perception of opening and light.

Harmony with the furniture

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing floor and doors is the furniture. Every element inside the room should match harmoniously. Analyse the interior design, analyse the style and your personality, then look for the perfect match among all these elements.

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