Soundproof doors are one of the most important innovations in interior design world, because they make the working or home environment calmer and more comfortable. In recent years, they turned out to be an essential element for whoever wants to enjoy their privacy. Soundproof wooden doors of Braga S.p.A. are able to isolate the internal environment from external noises, without excluding the aesthetics and the design of the door.

What are soundproof doors for?

Soundproof doors have an important role, especially in environments where silence and relax are vital and required, like in hotels. Indeed, acoustic doors were originally designed to reduce the external noises and they are able to isolate the room from acoustics sounds, guaranteeing silence, intimacy and relax to all guests. Soundproof doors have a crucial role also in offices and residential buildings because they contain all sounds coming from near spaces or noises from the external traffic.

The double role of Braga doors

Among all brands on the market, Braga S.p.A. stands out for its interior doors, designed for hotels, because they have a double function: soundproof and fireproof. Hotel line proposed by Braga S.p.A. includes fire rated doors able to guarantee both a resistance to fire of 30 and 60 minutes and an acoustic isolation up to 36 dB.

Main characteristics of Braga S.p.A. Hotel line

High quality materials

Braga S.p.A. team studies and carefully selections each material used in the production of soundproof doors, guaranteeing efficacy and durability over time. Starting from the working of logs, each phase of the production process is made inside the Group, in this way we are able to guarantee quality and volumes.

Innovative technology

Interior doors are the result of an innovative production process given by avant-garde machineries. In particular, soundproof doors are the result of a long activity of study and design by the technical and sales team with the aim of meeting clients’ needs.

Elegant design

Braga S.p.A. makes technical and functional doors, without ever neglecting design and the aesthetical aspect of its products. Soundproof doors match perfectly with the furniture and interior design, because they appear as simple interior doors.

Interior soundproof doors of Braga S.p.A. represent the perfect bond between functionality and style, suitable for any kind of interior design. Aesthetic doors that guarantee at the same time safety and privacy inside the room.

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