After the acquisition, the reclamation of the sector started and a new production line was activated. There will also be room for other companies, excellent employment prospects in the future.

SCANDOLARA RAVARA: seven years after the opening of the preliminary agreement procedure of Bini Fernando spa, a historical company of wood in Scandolara Ravara which was brought to its knees by the strong construction crisis of 2008 with a heavy trawling under the employment profile, there is finally a very positive news to report: the rebirth of the same industrial sector, by an entrepreneur, moreover scandolarese, Giuseppe Braga, owner of Braga Spa. «At the moment, we have about twenty people working on the production line of formworks for construction “, explains Braga from Poland.
«The hope – he adds – is that future interventions can have some positive prospects». The entrepreneur, who does not like the spotlight, does not say anything more. «As mayor – comments Velleda Rivaroli – I can only be satisfied that the former Bini area is being revitalized. For some time, as a municipal administration, we were working hard to restart that sector, very complex in terms of sizes and conditions, and the fact that it is an entrepreneur like Braga to have acquired the whole area is very important and for us it is a reason of pride. He will not use the whole area for his productions, but after having reclaimed what has to be reclaimed, he will provide the surfaces to allow the settlement of other companies. A diversification that can only have positive reflections and that we will try to favour with a regulation of the attractiveness, reducing for years to those who will settle, and to those who have already done so as Braga, Tari, Imu construction charges.
Rivaroli stresses that «Braga has always had an eye for the needs of his country, in many ways. I am thinking, for example, to the Wi-Fi system he gave to the kindergarten, the technological game for the kindergarten and many other things. All this was always done in an extremely discreet way ». Even the ex-mayor, now councilor, Gianmario Magni, who lived through the dramatic period of Bini’s closure: “Seeing the rebirth of this area is something really beautiful, for the whole territory”.

by Davide Bazzani