Fire rated doors

Fire doors that guarantee maximum safety without excluding design

The costant increasing demand for safety has led us to look for solutions that allow the door to be transformed from a design element into a real protection device. Braga fire rated doors are designed for the safety of all places that require a fire protection (houses, hotels, schools, offices, etc.)

Our Research and Development department created doors tested to fire and smoke resistance and, in some cases, also soundproofing, in compliance with Italian regulations with specific extensions and test reports that comply with the regulations of United Kingdom, Anglo-Saxon countries, Usa, Canada and countries of the Persian Gulf.

Braga fire rated doors are aesthetically almost identical to the classic laminated interior doors. The difference is in the construction and the components of the internal structure both of frame and architraves and the leaf. A crucial factor of the durability over time of Braga fire rated doors is the presence of wooden frames and multilayer architraves that make the door non-deformable.

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Fire doors EI 30, EI60 and EI 120. Certifications of our fire doors.

fireproof door can resist to direct fire 30 or 60 minutes (according to the structure of the door), allowing the people inside the room to stay inside waiting for help. Fire resistance is tested at specific certifier labs, following strict protocols and respecting the current regulations. The main difficulty is that every nation or geographic area has its own regulation and its own requirements to meet in order to declare a “fire rated” door.

Trough several studies and proves, Braga obtained the certification for EI30 fire rated doors (30 minutes resistant) and EI60 fire rated doors (60 minutes resistant) for the Italian market. In addition, we carried out test reports for the homologation of “British Standard FD30” for the EI30 door. For the countries of the Persian Gulf, we obtained the certification at BM Trada for EI30, EI60 and EI120 doors. And for the US and Canadian markets, Braga obtained the UL certification for EI30 doors.

Customise your fire rated doors with the wide selection of available colours

Braga, indeed, offers over 20 laminated decoratives to choose from, in order to customise your fire rated door. From the more classic colours, such as white, walnut and cherry laminate, to the modern matrix with relief finishings, not to mention the elegance of the white lacquered door.

Braga fire rated doors: "From Wood to Door"

The wood used to produce our fire rated doors is fully managed by the supply chain of Braga Group companies. Every phase of the wood process, from planting to the final process, is managed directly by Braga Group, in full compliance with the environment. This allows us to experiment and to always create newer and more resistant solutions.

Braga is able to produce doors according to the standard sizes of each country.

Safety and Design


Why Braga?

For each finished product, the direct production chain starts from the tree.

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