Fire doors


Safety and Design

Fire rated doors designed for the safety of hotels, offices, schools and homes. Braga offers a range of laminated and veneered fire rated doors, built in compliance with current Italian regulations, to which are added:

  • extensions and test reports for the United Kingdom’s and Anglo-Saxon market regulations;
  • UL certifications for the US and Canadian market;
  • certifications for the Middle East countries.

Braga is able to produce doors according to the standard sizes of each country.



Braga EI30 and EI60 fire rated doors are certified:

  • according to the UNI EN 1634-1:2009 and BS EN 1634-1 regulation for fire resistance;
  • according to the UNI EN 1634-3 and BS EN 476-31 regulation for smoke tightness;
  • according to the UNI EN ISO 140-3:2006 and UNI EN ISO 717-1:2007 regulation for soundproofing.

Doors tests and certifications


Italian approval for fire rated doors.

British Standard

British Standard test for fire rated doors.

USA / Canada

Special purpose fire door and frame assembly
FD30 fire rated doors certification.

Middle east countries

FD60, FD90 and FD120 fire rated doors certification.

Available decoratives for fire doors of the HOTEL model

Many modern solutions with matrix or classic smooth textures, such as white, walnut and cherry. The available decoratives for HOTEL fire doors meet any aesthetical need.




Trendy Plus

Standard composition


There are several elements that constitute our fire doors and each of them is aimed at improving the functioning of the other. There’s one goal: obtaining a high quality and safety final solution.

Door panel thickness 44mm. made in compliance with the current regulations and tested to withstand fire by accredited institutions, n°2 3 mm. MDF skins covered in CPL; edges on three sides with the same colour, intumescent gasket on four sides, n° 3 passive hinge-side bolt, n° 1 active lock-side bolt and n°1 active bolt on the top side of the panel.

Frame radius 3, thickness 40mm, standard width 107mm with blockboard support and 70×10 wing20 architraves on both sides of the door with multilayer support. The frame is made in compliance with the current regulations and it is tested to withstand fire by accredited institutions. CPL covering with polyurethane gluing, acoustic and cold smoke in PVC gasket and intumescent gasket in the frame.

Mechanical lock with Yale hole and cylinder with 3 keys, satin chrome finishing. Handles not included.

Tested hinges for EI applications, satin chrome finishing. External door closer with “V” arm, rack operation, silver finishing.

For some technical features further options are available.

Dump Heat test

Change temperature test

Braga is able to produce doors according to the standard sizes of each country.

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Why Braga?

For each finished product, the direct production chain starts from the tree.

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