Hinged doors

Practical, solid and easy to use: Braga hinged doors

Interior hinged doors are the quintessential classic doors in most environments, both homes and offices. They are easy to use, practical and resistant, they adapt to all environments, even those where there’s little space.
Braga offers various hinged door lines. A more classic style with BASIC PLUS and TOPLAM doors, or the modernity of COMBI and INCONTRI PLUS doors with concealed hinged and magnetic lock, not to mention the hinged white lacquered doors of COMBILAC and TOPLAC lines.
All Braga door lines are available with hinged opening system, in-wall and on-wall sliding system, and folding system with the possibility of customising the laminate decorative, the interior structure (honeycomb, blockboard or chipboard) and the related hinges and locks.

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Non-deformable, reversible and highly customisable hinged doors

The main characteristic of Braga hinged doors is the presence of blockboard frames and multilayer architraves that make the door non-deformable.

With Rever System the hinged door becomes reversible

Another important characteristic of the interior hinged door is the proven reliability of the opening system. The door panel is fixed to the frame through hinges that permit its rotation. Special hinges make it possible to rotate the door panel by about 180° and they make the door reversible. The practical REVER SYSTEM developed by Braga gives the possibility to modify in an easy and fast way the opening solution of the door, by simpy rotating the structual elements. In few time you can turn a hinged door with right opening into a hinged door with left opening, according to the environmental needs in which it will be installed.

20 decoratives to best furnish your environments with Braga hinged doors.

Finally, the high level customisation makes the interior hinged doors a fundamental furnishing element. Indeed, Braga offers over 20 laminated decoratives to choose from, in order to customise your door. From the more classic colours, such as white, walnut or cherry, to the modern matrix with relief finishings, not to mention the elegance of the white lacquered door.

Braga interior doors: "From Wood to Door"

The wood used to produce our hinged doors is fully managed by the supply chain of Braga Group companies. Every phase of the wood process, from planting to the final process, is managed directly by Braga Group, in full compliance with the environment.

Braga is able to produce doors according to the standard sizes of each country.

Practicality and Resistance

Why Braga?

For each finished product, the direct production chain starts from the tree.

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