Laminated doors

Light, easy-to-install, but extremely resistant laminated doors

Laminated doors are nowadays the most common type of interior door. There are many aspects that define a laminated door. First and foremost, lightness. The honeycomb door is lightweight, therefore easy to install, but at the same time very resistant. Another crucial aspect is durability.

The colour of laminated doors, even in white, does not change over time. An essential factor in durability of Braga laminated doors is the presence of blockboard frames and multilayer architraves that make the door non-deformable.

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Customise your laminated interior doors with 20 decoratives.

Braga offers over 20 laminated decoratives to choose from, in order to customise your laminated door. From the more classic colours, such as white, walnut or cherry laminate to the modern matrix with relief finishings, not to mention the elegance of the white lacquered door.

The opening systems of Braga laminated doors

Laminated interior doors can be produced with different opening systems: hinged doors, in-wall or on-wall sliding doors, folding doors.

The most popular doors are the hinged laminated ones with the panel fixed to the frame by means of standard hinges, which enable the rotating movement, or by means of specific hinges that enable either a 180° rotation of the door or make the hinged door reversible. The practical REVER SYSTEM developed by Braga makes it possibile to change easily and fast the opening solution of the door, simply by rotating the structural elements. In few time you can turn a hinged door in right opening into a hinged door in left opening, according to the needs of the room in which it will be installed.

Assembled laminated doors: when solid wood becomes non-deformable

Special attention should be paid to assembled laminated doors. These are laminated doors whose leaf is not made of a single element, like the honeycomb doors, but it is composed of a series of solid wood door profiles, assembled to create a door with a unique style. Assembled doors recall the ancient art of the solid wood door, but with the guaranteed non-deformability of blockboard and the modernity of laminated decoratives.

Braga laminated doors: "From Wood to Door"

The wood used to produce our laminated interior doors is fully managed by the supply chain of Braga Group companies. Every phase of the wood process, from planting to the final process, is managed directly by Braga Group, in full compliance with the environment.

Braga is able to produce doors according to the standard sizes of each country.

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For each finished product, the direct production chain starts from the tree.

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