Honeycomb laminated doors


Modern and extraordinary

RASOMURO Braga doors enhance the design of the environment in which they are installed. The special frame fixed in the wall frame, both plasterboard or masonry, and the lack of visible elements, such as frames and architraves, make these doors coplanar to the wall with which they blend perfectly. The surface of the panel can be painted with any wall dye or can be covered with wallpaper and allows the door to blend in completely with the environment in which it is installed.


Flush doors

Innovative doors that integrate perfectly into the wall and become one with the environment.

Standard composition

Door panel with rebate 10×10, thickness 44 mm., made with perimetral profile in finger-joint fir; honeycomb inside; nr. 2 raw MDF 4 mm. skin ready to be painted or covered with wallpaper; edged on 3 sides; moisture protection film on the bottom.

Aluminum frame designed for easy assembly for both plasterboard and masonry walls without subframe.

“MAGNETIC” lock with key hole or WC, chromed finishing. Adjustable counterplate. Handles not included.

Concealed hinges, adjustable on 3 axes, chromed finishing.

For some technical features further options are available.

Dump Heat test

Change temperature test

Braga is able to produce doors according to the standard sizes of each country.

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Why Braga?

For each finished product, the direct production chain starts from the tree.

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